Certified Arborist Services in Rhode Island – Tree Health Assessments

In order to determine whether a tree is healthy, it is important to know the symptoms of diseases or insects that may be present. A tree health assessment from a certified arborist will evaluate the tree’s species and whether they are affected by common diseases or insects. The following are some common signs that your tree may have a problem:

  • Presence of dead branches
  • Leaves fall off in the winter or spring when they usually wouldn’t (it’s okay for deciduous trees to lose their leaves in autumn)
  • Discolored leaves (brown, yellow) or growths on new shoots and buds that indicate fungal infections like powdery mildew
  • Swelling at the base of the trunk where roots meet the soil line could indicate root rot fungus growing underneath surface layers of bark (topsoil). If you see mushrooms growing around the base, there’s probably an infestation below ground level!

Health Assessment By A Professional Arborist in Rhode Island

If you feel your tree is infected with disease or infested with insects, it is important that you have a certified arborist inspect it as soon as possible.

Tree diseases can spread rapidly in other trees, especially when planted closely together. If tree disease goes untreated, it could result in expensive removal costs.

The disease can cause branches to die, become weak, and fall off the host tree. This increases the risk of property damage or injury to people nearby.

Insects can also harm trees by eating their leaves and spreading disease from one tree to another. Insect infestations should be treated as soon as possible. Once the insects have spread throughout the plant material, it is much more challenging to treat them effectively (and safely!)

Sometimes symptoms of tree disease and insects are hard for non-professionals to spot, so get a professional assessment from an experienced certified arborist in Rhode Island.

Allscape Tree is a local tree care service in Rhode Island that offers professional tree health assessments. Our goal is to help you protect the trees on your property. With our arborist services, you can rest assured that your trees are in good hands!

Inspecting every aspect of the tree’s structure is necessary for identifying any potentially hazardous conditions and providing a complete evaluation of the overall health of your tree. A professional arborist will inspect the entire tree structure, paying close attention to:

  • Branch unions for the presence of cankers, decay, and other signs of stress
  • Branch structure for signs of dead or dying branches
  • Leaf structure for signs of discoloration or deformity
  • Any indications that a disease or insect infestation may be present (e.g., canopy dieback)

These Symptoms Can Indicate If A Tree Suffers From A Disease Or Insect Infestation

There are several indications when a tree is infected with a disease or insect infestation:

  • Unusual leaf discoloration (yellowing, browning)
  • Branches dying back
  • Branches with dead leaves remaining on the tree in late fall or winter
  • Sudden wilting of leaves
  • The sudden death of the tree

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Call A Certified Arborist For A Tree Health Assessment Today!

You adore your property’s trees, but you’ve observed some changes recently. Perhaps there’s been damage to one of the trees, or you’ve seen a tree that looks sick and infested with insects. Your landscape needs to have healthy trees, so you should seek expert assistance from a professional arborist. Arborists are certified in assessing and treating problems for both urban and rural trees. They can spot diseases and insect infestations early to be treated before it’s too late.

If you believe your landscape in Rhode Island may have unhealthy trees, don’t hesitate to call a certified arborist today!