Residential & Commercial Tree Services

Tree Removal
We perform these affordable tree services in Rhode Island with minimal impact to your existing landscape. Our lightweight lifts with flotation tires allow us to traverse your property without creating ruts, damaging septic systems, leech fields, walkways, and other soft grounds. We have the ability to safely and effectively tackle the toughest take-downs in tight and small areas.

Stump Grinding & Removal
With our backhoes and excavators, we have the ability to completely remove large, unsightly, diseased, or infested stumps. While stump grinding is often used to enhance the look and feel of your property, it also plays a big role in eliminating the risk of pest, insect, and fungus-born diseases. With our affordable tree services even after removal, we’ll assist you with seeding, sodding, or creating a new planting design.

Selective Tree Pruning & Trimming
Proper tree pruning promotes healthy growth, while making trees more resistant to life threatening diseases and infestations. Additionally, selective tree pruning prevents branch rubbing and reduces visual obstructions. Tree topping and selective pruning is ideal for enhancing the views around your property.

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Tree Transplants & Installations
With tree transplanting, we can relocate trees up to approximately 30 feet in height, depending on tree size and type. Over the past 20+ years, we have successfully transplanted hundreds of trees. This experience will help to ensure the health and sustainability of your transplanted trees.

Tree Health & Our Certified Arborists
To assist with pest and disease control, we spray, inject, and selectively prune trees in Rhode Island. If you’re worried about your tree’s health, contact us and our certified arborists right away to schedule a health analysis. We’ll assess your tree to determine the root cause of any issues and recommend our helpful and affordable tree services based on our findings; if there’s a way to save your tree, we’ll find it.

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